Process Posts

week 5.

This week I have been thinking more about the design of my website. I have been questioning what I can do to attract more viewers, what is more appealing to what I am trying to promote. Tanya Basu article (2020) spoke about Sara Garner wanted to create a page to focus specifically on what is obsessed with. Garner (2020) explained how she imagines a page where she writes about her favourite things, what they made her feel, and invites others to share what they love and what they’ve learned. That is the same aim I have for my website.

I had some honest feedback about my website, where I should include a tagline on where I live and what exactly my page is going to consist of. I am trying to come up with a catchy tagline that would want people to stay. I am trying to envision my digital garden by making it more like Pinterest and Tumblr. I am more of a visual learner, I can read something, but I will try to envision pictures in my head. That is why majority of my website includes photos to help people who are visual people too.

I know my audience is to tackle young adults in there 20s. I am trying to take more photos that are aesthetically pleasing. Allowing for more close ups and simpleness to my photos. I am trying to keep my website design more organized and cleaner because when there is too much going on it can be difficult to attract viewers or readers.  

My editorial process will include more ideas that I find interesting and what people are searching for. I know when I try to go out for dinners or brunch it is so hard to find good food near me. I know a good chunk of people go on Google and search “Good food near me” or “Good bars near me” or “Things to do near me”.  It can be very frustrating when you do not know if it is worthy to go. I want to really focus on adding another page of places I have gone in specific cities. There is information that is needed when going to a restaurant or location. I want to add that to summarize my posts for people. An extra page where I have food locations, rating, pricing, and wait times. Even when I go places I want to add how far away it is, when you should go, and for what you should go for.

Process Posts

week 10.

I believe a lot of our ways to grow our audience is really from social media. There are millions of people on different types of apps at once. I know many people use social media to connect with people. I find that you can really grow your audience that way. I have made an Instagram account specifically for my website to allow more growth. I feel as though I could really bring in people who would be interested in this area. I think that is the hard part, growing a community of people that are willing to be invested in my blog. I have been trying to go through my photos and memorise to find things that would interest people to stick around. Analytics you get from Google are just numbers in my opinion. I feel like people would be interested in my things if I try to keep posting regularly about what I am up too. The more active you are, the more you receive. I remember this one saying, whatever you put into something, you will be receiving that amount of effort back. I know if I take it seriously, I could really grow it into something big. So, let’s see if I can do that.  

Process Posts

week 9.

I believe in being able to grow your audience you need to get them from other apps. Instagram is a huge platform that can increase attention, but you need to add hashtags or other ways to attract. Another huge platform is Tik Tok that is growing a lot of attention right now. It has helped a lot of people grow into learning about new things and constantly growing with the space of so many people.

I feel like social media itself is a huge platform to market things that you want people to find. There are people using Tik Tok to grow an audience to bring in more customers for their online stores. I think it is important to market properly to be able to grow and make money. When there is very little dedication to building yourself, there won’t be a lot of support to grow money. I haven’t really tried to grow myself on social media because I never really saw an interest in growing into something. I want to see if I can grow with my blog that I have going on but I am open to be making money if I could.

I made a separate Instagram to attract more viewers to my website. I wanted to bring in more views to allow for better flow of traffic. I know a lot of people use Instagram, that is why I could bring in good flow that way. I could try to make more videos too, but it is difficult to always record things.

Process Posts


Democracy is defined as “rule by the people” (Britannica, n.d.). Social media is interactions between individuals that take place in online communities and networks that involve the creation, sharing, and/or exchange of information and ideas (Tufts, 2021). The interaction of social media and democracy is democracy is all about information and social media will present that information. They both correlate with one another, social allows for democracy to skyrocket.

There are 34.47 million social media users in Canada in 2022 (Dixon, 2022). 78 percent of social media users, use Facebook (Dixon, 2022). There was about 18% of adults getting their political news on social media in United States (Atske, 2021). A good chunk of individuals distrust Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to. find political and election news (Atske, 2021).

The negative repercussions of fake news span from the micro level, which affects specific people, to the macro level, which affects media systems (Yang, 2021). Disinformation, often known as fake news, is described as intentionally created material that imitates traditional news and spreads to advance the objectives of specific groups or individuals (Yang, 2021).  Both fake news and censorships can become frustrating online, Covid-19, is a huge example of it. There was so many fake news and censorships relating around Covid-19.

In the article written by Kitchens (2020), he stated the idea that social media use may restrict the information that users encounter or consume online, failing to foster a shared experience of free-flowing knowledge, is captured effectively by the metaphor of an echo chamber. People are exposed to information to outside their echo chambers but some individuals within their echo chamber do not trust this information which puts them in fear (Kitchens, 2020).

There has been an increase on social media of alt-right movement which implements advocating for political things like writing Trumps success (Marwick, 2017). It is called media manipulation where “conspiracy theorists, no-libertarians, white nationalists, men’s right advocate, trolls, bored young people and anti-feminists” are spreading their various beliefs (Marwick, 2017).  To improve the visibility of the audience for their messages, these organisations target weak points in the ecosystem of the news media (Marwick, 2017). These groups are racist online, they will use deliberately offensive speech towards minority groups. This forces for a lot of hatred and violence to occur online. These groups take over the internet and target people by putting hatred and offensive speech against people who disagree to some political views. The rapid growth of race hate speech on the internet has become overwhelming to the capacity of states, corporations, or civil society to limit its spread and impact (Jakubowicz, 2017).

The internet has impacted the culture, politics, and interpersonal connections that I regard as essential to my identity in ways that I have always deemed advantageous to me personally (Bridle, 2017). Social media has impacted some people in the sense that it has shaped them, many people use it to discover new things or keep up to date with media. The amount of news you hear about music artists and other famous influencers just crazy. There is constant news being published on Instagram or Twitter to tell you what is going on that person’s life. Recently a music rapper named “Takeoff” was killed. My Instagram feed was flooding with news posts about how he died and who killed him. His daughter posted a Tik Tok saying how she found out her dad passed through media. We talk about how social media is sometimes the main source for finding out news but who knows if it is truthful or fake. The younger generation nowadays use social media a lot more than us which has negative effects. Using social media frequently can worsen sleep quality and is linked with high levels of anxiety and depression (Mayo Clinic, 2022). The interaction between social media and depression symptoms are very high at such a young age because of all the fake information and hurtful comments (Mayo Clinic, 2022).

Social media will always be democratic. No matter what information you want to talk about, there will be a group or an individual opposing to what you have to say. There will always be someone that will disagree with an opinion or fact. That is why social media has its perks, but it can be very controversial and toxic.

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Over the weekend I visited my best friend’s hometown for Halloween. It was my first time ever going to Toronto which was very exciting for me. I have never been, so I was beyond excited to check out how different it is from Vancouver. Let me say I did have some ‘what the heck’ moments. Firstly, I felt like I was in full house. The way the houses are designed and how close they had together shocked me. Secondly, BAGGED MILK. That is all I have to say. I have never in my entire life seen bagged milk. Lastly, you cannot park on the street if you live in Markham. You can get a ticket for parking your car on the street, your driveway can only fit how many cars you can have. Which was insane to me.

We checked out a few places which was new to me. First stop was heading downtown from the suburbs. They have these fancy trains, called GoTrains. I was so excited to get on it because I have never been on something like that here. I was having an absolute blast. We got off at Union Station which dropped us off at the heart of downtown Toronto. We walked to the Eaton centre as our first location, we were trying to find last minute costumes. This mall is massive. When you enter it and walk all the way to the opposite end, you end up at Younge and Dundas Street. This street felt like I was in New York.

The next place we checked out was Mr. Puffs, it was the dessert place. It was delicious. It was ball donuts but light, fluffy, and chewy. You can put sauces on top of it, I got the chocolate Bueno and cinnamon and sugar flavours. It was an amazing stop on the trip since we do not have it in here Vancouver. I did enjoy trying something new especially since it included sweet food.

The next stop on the trip was a college basketball game, that was the main reason why we came all the way to Toronto. It was Seneca vs George Brown basketball game. My best friend’s boyfriend was on the Seneca team. It was his last first game. It wasn’t as different as a basketball game here but just how united people were when cheering was different for me. There were people screaming from every end of the gym cheering each team on.

The last place I would say that was cool we went to was Number 3 Club. The night life is very different down there. You need a table to get into the club without a table you will not get in right away. People wait hours to get into the club which is super weird. Since it was just me and some girls, we got in without an issue but if you are a male the possibilities are low without a club. I did have a good time; people are super friendly down there. This club specifically did not have a dance floor which is odd but that is why you need a booth.

Mini assignments


I created this video of all the beautiful places I have been across British Columbia. The moments I found absolutely breathtaking.
Process Posts

week 8.

I think everyone in their life has copied something off the internet and used it. I know a lot of my friends will use Pinterest for inspiration for specific things you are looking for. It can be hard to be creative and come out with your own ideas especially when you are trying to achieve something. I have been brainstorming ways to start my own clothing brand. It is difficult. The constant urge of coming out with ideas is hard when you are not that creative.

I have been trying to use my platforms right now to figure out my own niche. I am trying to come up with ideas that I believe will be worthy of attracting attention. Content is probably the hardest part of trying to create something. I have found taking photos and videos of everything has worked in my power. it’s the creative aspect that I struggle with that is why I use other content creators as inspiration to grow out of my comfort zone.

It can be hard but some of my tips would be look at Pinterest, follow people with the same niche, google specific topics to see if it helps you create ideas. The more you look around and add ideas to a vision board it can really help with making something good.

Process Posts

week 7.

Social media has become super dominate in this generation for years. I remember when I first got Instagram, I was in grade 6, I posted whatever I wanted and followed only my friends on it. I did not use it to become an influencer which nowadays is the norm. I just wanted to document my life through photos. Ever since I can remember I have been a huge photo person. I document everything by either taking a video or photo so I can look back at it and be like “omg I remember this moment”. My friends literally always call me out because I just take photos of EVERYTHING.

Social media now has changed so dramatically since I began using it. Now you must worry about editing, getting rid of that pimple, or not posting because it does not match your aesthetics. I have always tried to gear away from that type of mindset, but it is hard. I need to constantly get reassurance from friends if I should post something because something looked odd. It is not the same environment that it used to be when I was in elementary. I still post everything that I love, adventures that I go on, places I check out to eat but I am a huge critique on myself. Social media has been filled with these high expectations which can be hard to maintain.

I have found myself in that vicious cycle of trying to lose weight or change the way I look to become more appealing. It can really affect your mental health. I remember trying to achieve this unrealistic goal but realized along the way that it was not me. I lost myself in the process of becoming someone I am not. That is the scary thing about social media is you start questioning yourself. You will bring yourself down, but you need to just focus on being true to yourself and posting whatever you want.

Social media will allow you to grow and find a safe community, where u can be your true self.

Peer Review

Peer Review #2

This week I’ll be reviewing Mika’s website, Mika’s website focuses on showing her true self and all her imperfect messes she makes. I really like that because many people tend to present this perfect lifestyle but will not show when things go sideways. Overall, I found the website very organized in the sense that I could find her Pub 101 assignments, all her lessons, messes, and practice. Sometimes going on a website that is very busy and has a lot going on I tend to get out of it quickly. Mika has it very simple where everything is accessible, where you know where to go if you are looking for something specific, she blogs about.

Mika has included an accessibility tool bar which I find amazing because sometimes people like to increase or decrease texts. I know on my website I do not have this feature which is why I probably will be adding it. It is an amazing feature to include on your website for people who need better guidance when using your website.

Mika has included a menu bar at the top of her website so when you move your mouse over it there is down bars of places to go. This helps it be easier to find specific topics when you go on a website. I know when I go shopping, they have the exact same touch down bar which allows you to look at different types of clothing instead of everything. For example, having the PUB 101 menu with the drop-down menu of process posts and assignments helps me look at her work. Overall, the layout of the website was very clean and organized. There were different categories on what Mika wanted to talk about on her website.

First impression on Mika’s website I could not figure out what her website is about. That took me awhile to figure out because on her main page it was just a question being asked. I had to read her about to understand the aim of what she was trying to blog about. I feel as though she could have added a few sentences of what she is aiming to do. I think adding some more information could help with the website’s identity more. Caulfield (2016) explained that our websites are all-seeing eye gazing directly into the hearts and minds of our audience. That’s why having a clearer idea and layout of your website will increase more audience attraction. Caulfield (2016) stated that the content should seek out to people who can and will identify its personality. That is the only audience that matters when publishing on websites.

Mika’s website design has a very good system, the layout of her website is very engaging especially with the powerful question she added. A lot of her website layout really relates to her content that she is making. Overall, I found her website to be organized and simple. I wish there was more to her main page after her question to allow for more engagement.

Caulfield, M. (2016, December 19). Yes, Digital Literacy. but which one? Hapgood. 



I had a weekend trip down to Seattle for the Luke Combs concert. It was my first time heading down there, I have only driven through Seattle but never stopped in the city. I was super excited because I was getting to see my favourite country artist. The road trip to Seattle was about 2 hours from Vancouver.

The first stop on our road trip was Dutch Bros! I have been wanting to try this coffee shop out for months. I tried the Golden Eagle non-blended and WOW! I understand the hype around it, it was sweet and delicious.

The next stop on our trip was Chick-fil-A, I have had it before that’s why I needed to visit again. It sucks that we do not have it in Vancouver but when I can get my hands on it, I do. I got the chicken sandwich with waffle fries and Chick-fil-A dipping sauce. I do not know what they put in that sauce, but it is addictive. I can literally drink the sauce because it is so good with chicken or anything you pair it with. At this point we have got into downtown Seattle and needed to check in to our hotel.

Our hotel was in central downtown which was nice because me and my mom were planning on walking everywhere. It really looked like downtown Vancouver because of all the tall buildings which was nice. At this point we are starving and wanting to get something to eat after freshening up. We got on our walking shoes and began walking around, trying to look for food but we ended up at an Italian restaurant. Which was not amazing, but I was hungry and needed to eat.

The next day was concert day! I was beyond excited to see Luke Combs, I was just excited to see how concerts were in another country. The concert was at the Lumen Field and let me tell you this arena was massive. It usually holds football games, but I was surprised Luke Combs sold out at this city. You know how they say everything is bigger in the United States well let me confirm it is. I bought a cooler which was the size of my head. It was massive but it was crazy to me that it was only 5%. The concert was amazing, I sang my heart out and spent 100$ USD on an uber back to the hotel. The next morning, we went for breakfast at a French café than went to Pikes Place Market. It was a very cute market, but I think Granville Island market is a lot better. After we checked out the city we headed back home.

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