Claudio’s Ristorante

Over the weekend I went to try out a new restaurant that just opened up in Burnaby, Claudio’s Ristorante. I love Italian food so when I went to this restaurant I had high hopes. I was pretty disappointed in the food if I am being honest. There wasn’t anything special about it, I think Olive Garden is better.

I got the Margarita pizza and the Tagliatelle Nere pasta. The margarita pizza was very basic pizza I must say. I was not expecting much from the pizza because it is a classic. The pasta on the other hand was not amazing, there was not a lot of shellfish. The pasta was so flavourless and it the noodles were so thick that I could not use my fork to grab it. I give the food 6/10. The drink menu was not very appealing. I did not bother getting any of the special drinks. 

The restaurant environment was beautiful; low lights, very intimate environment. I personally found the restaurant to be very good for a date night.

I will not be going back but it was good restaurant to check off my bucket list.

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