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week 11.

My Instagram page, @dayinthelifeofsofia, was recently created. I’ve recently begun posting a lot of pictures of the locations and eateries I’ve visited. I wanted to utilize Instagram to capture my experiences while also helping others discover exciting things to do in Vancouver. Although there are websites where you may locate entertaining things to do, it might be challenging in some places. Although Vancouver is a large city, if I’m on Broadway I want restaurants and parks close by, not in Kitsilano.

That is the real reason I made this account. I want to document my life by sharing more and seeing if I can grow an audience with it. I have always wanted to make an influencer account, but I couldn’t keep up with the demand of posting continuously. I have been trying to post more to gain more transmedia presence. It will grow a better community of people to share similar interests.

Instagram will be a meaningful way to engage through real life content. I can post more on Pinterest to really grow my community and engage people to be interested. I can come up with ways to implement transmedia integration with how I see fit with what I am sharing. Social media influencers most of the time try to work their way towards YouTube. I could head that way once I have a bigger community of people that are interested about what I am pursing.

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