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week 7.

Social media has become super dominate in this generation for years. I remember when I first got Instagram, I was in grade 6, I posted whatever I wanted and followed only my friends on it. I did not use it to become an influencer which nowadays is the norm. I just wanted to document my life through photos. Ever since I can remember I have been a huge photo person. I document everything by either taking a video or photo so I can look back at it and be like “omg I remember this moment”. My friends literally always call me out because I just take photos of EVERYTHING.

Social media now has changed so dramatically since I began using it. Now you must worry about editing, getting rid of that pimple, or not posting because it does not match your aesthetics. I have always tried to gear away from that type of mindset, but it is hard. I need to constantly get reassurance from friends if I should post something because something looked odd. It is not the same environment that it used to be when I was in elementary. I still post everything that I love, adventures that I go on, places I check out to eat but I am a huge critique on myself. Social media has been filled with these high expectations which can be hard to maintain.

I have found myself in that vicious cycle of trying to lose weight or change the way I look to become more appealing. It can really affect your mental health. I remember trying to achieve this unrealistic goal but realized along the way that it was not me. I lost myself in the process of becoming someone I am not. That is the scary thing about social media is you start questioning yourself. You will bring yourself down, but you need to just focus on being true to yourself and posting whatever you want.

Social media will allow you to grow and find a safe community, where u can be your true self.

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