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week 10.

I believe a lot of our ways to grow our audience is really from social media. There are millions of people on different types of apps at once. I know many people use social media to connect with people. I find that you can really grow your audience that way. I have made an Instagram account specifically for my website to allow more growth. I feel as though I could really bring in people who would be interested in this area. I think that is the hard part, growing a community of people that are willing to be invested in my blog. I have been trying to go through my photos and memorise to find things that would interest people to stick around. Analytics you get from Google are just numbers in my opinion. I feel like people would be interested in my things if I try to keep posting regularly about what I am up too. The more active you are, the more you receive. I remember this one saying, whatever you put into something, you will be receiving that amount of effort back. I know if I take it seriously, I could really grow it into something big. So, let’s see if I can do that.  

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