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week 9.

I believe in being able to grow your audience you need to get them from other apps. Instagram is a huge platform that can increase attention, but you need to add hashtags or other ways to attract. Another huge platform is Tik Tok that is growing a lot of attention right now. It has helped a lot of people grow into learning about new things and constantly growing with the space of so many people.

I feel like social media itself is a huge platform to market things that you want people to find. There are people using Tik Tok to grow an audience to bring in more customers for their online stores. I think it is important to market properly to be able to grow and make money. When there is very little dedication to building yourself, there won’t be a lot of support to grow money. I haven’t really tried to grow myself on social media because I never really saw an interest in growing into something. I want to see if I can grow with my blog that I have going on but I am open to be making money if I could.

I made a separate Instagram to attract more viewers to my website. I wanted to bring in more views to allow for better flow of traffic. I know a lot of people use Instagram, that is why I could bring in good flow that way. I could try to make more videos too, but it is difficult to always record things.

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