Process Posts

week 3.

When I visualize my website, I want it to be slick and clean for viewers to find it easy to navigate through. I will definitely be making changes as I go but right now I am not the most confident. I am still trying to figure out my theme and how to go about editing and making proper links. I have placed two categories for process posts and mini assignments but I have not figured out how to add it in my Pub 101 drop down.

I am hoping to add social media links in the future. I want to add Pinterest as one of the links because I repost so many amazing outfits and travel photos. I have found a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. My personal Instagram is filled with photos of myself and vacation places I have been too. I definitely want start posting more about my life and the things I get into.

My website will continue you to be in under construction because I keep adding and removing things. Trial and Error. I have been getting pretty frustrated when I cannot figure things out. I am being patient and watching videos that could help me navigate through this website better but I must say it is difficult.

I am still hoping to add more information and keep up to date with my website and participating in adventures.

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