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week 5.

This week I have been thinking more about the design of my website. I have been questioning what I can do to attract more viewers, what is more appealing to what I am trying to promote. Tanya Basu article (2020) spoke about Sara Garner wanted to create a page to focus specifically on what is obsessed with. Garner (2020) explained how she imagines a page where she writes about her favourite things, what they made her feel, and invites others to share what they love and what they’ve learned. That is the same aim I have for my website.

I had some honest feedback about my website, where I should include a tagline on where I live and what exactly my page is going to consist of. I am trying to come up with a catchy tagline that would want people to stay. I am trying to envision my digital garden by making it more like Pinterest and Tumblr. I am more of a visual learner, I can read something, but I will try to envision pictures in my head. That is why majority of my website includes photos to help people who are visual people too.

I know my audience is to tackle young adults in there 20s. I am trying to take more photos that are aesthetically pleasing. Allowing for more close ups and simpleness to my photos. I am trying to keep my website design more organized and cleaner because when there is too much going on it can be difficult to attract viewers or readers.  

My editorial process will include more ideas that I find interesting and what people are searching for. I know when I try to go out for dinners or brunch it is so hard to find good food near me. I know a good chunk of people go on Google and search “Good food near me” or “Good bars near me” or “Things to do near me”.  It can be very frustrating when you do not know if it is worthy to go. I want to really focus on adding another page of places I have gone in specific cities. There is information that is needed when going to a restaurant or location. I want to add that to summarize my posts for people. An extra page where I have food locations, rating, pricing, and wait times. Even when I go places I want to add how far away it is, when you should go, and for what you should go for.

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