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week 6.

Over the years I have followed so many Instagram influencers and Youtubers that I have loved and hated. I personally like lifestyle bloggers in my opinion, I feel that it is rawer and more personal. My favorite lifestyle blogger is Tara Michelle. She is a digital creator; she is very active on Instagram and YouTube. I really like the way she is her true self.

I have watched her YouTube videos since I have been on social media and wow. Over the years I have found myself more connected with her than any other influencer. She has really changed herself to not be like a typical influencer and that is one of the main reasons I still watch her.

 I think everyone is so different in real life, but people can be very similar online. That is why I enjoy watching her because she is very raw and will not post crap on her site. Many people will try to promote things just for money but will not actually like the product. I have seen it before, and the black lash people get is ridiculous. But Tara, she promotes worthy products and will give honest reviews. This is how you will have a deeper engagement. Allowing yourself to be different and vulnerable to disagreeing to something will increase people to be more interested. I have found myself to try and be as honest when I am talking about food or drinks that I have tried. This is how you try to change that image social media gives you to be different.

Designing yourself up for success and allowing for more good quality reviews. I want people to come onto my website and see how organized and spontaneous my life is. I also want people to feel more connected with me, like I am texting them about this new thing or place I checked out. It really is all about how to connect better with your audience and what they want to see more of.

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