Over the weekend I visited my best friend’s hometown for Halloween. It was my first time ever going to Toronto which was very exciting for me. I have never been, so I was beyond excited to check out how different it is from Vancouver. Let me say I did have some ‘what the heck’ moments. Firstly, I felt like I was in full house. The way the houses are designed and how close they had together shocked me. Secondly, BAGGED MILK. That is all I have to say. I have never in my entire life seen bagged milk. Lastly, you cannot park on the street if you live in Markham. You can get a ticket for parking your car on the street, your driveway can only fit how many cars you can have. Which was insane to me.

We checked out a few places which was new to me. First stop was heading downtown from the suburbs. They have these fancy trains, called GoTrains. I was so excited to get on it because I have never been on something like that here. I was having an absolute blast. We got off at Union Station which dropped us off at the heart of downtown Toronto. We walked to the Eaton centre as our first location, we were trying to find last minute costumes. This mall is massive. When you enter it and walk all the way to the opposite end, you end up at Younge and Dundas Street. This street felt like I was in New York.

The next place we checked out was Mr. Puffs, it was the dessert place. It was delicious. It was ball donuts but light, fluffy, and chewy. You can put sauces on top of it, I got the chocolate Bueno and cinnamon and sugar flavours. It was an amazing stop on the trip since we do not have it in here Vancouver. I did enjoy trying something new especially since it included sweet food.

The next stop on the trip was a college basketball game, that was the main reason why we came all the way to Toronto. It was Seneca vs George Brown basketball game. My best friend’s boyfriend was on the Seneca team. It was his last first game. It wasn’t as different as a basketball game here but just how united people were when cheering was different for me. There were people screaming from every end of the gym cheering each team on.

The last place I would say that was cool we went to was Number 3 Club. The night life is very different down there. You need a table to get into the club without a table you will not get in right away. People wait hours to get into the club which is super weird. Since it was just me and some girls, we got in without an issue but if you are a male the possibilities are low without a club. I did have a good time; people are super friendly down there. This club specifically did not have a dance floor which is odd but that is why you need a booth.

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