Peer Review

Peer Review #2

This week I’ll be reviewing Mika’s website, Mika’s website focuses on showing her true self and all her imperfect messes she makes. I really like that because many people tend to present this perfect lifestyle but will not show when things go sideways. Overall, I found the website very organized in the sense that I could find her Pub 101 assignments, all her lessons, messes, and practice. Sometimes going on a website that is very busy and has a lot going on I tend to get out of it quickly. Mika has it very simple where everything is accessible, where you know where to go if you are looking for something specific, she blogs about.

Mika has included an accessibility tool bar which I find amazing because sometimes people like to increase or decrease texts. I know on my website I do not have this feature which is why I probably will be adding it. It is an amazing feature to include on your website for people who need better guidance when using your website.

Mika has included a menu bar at the top of her website so when you move your mouse over it there is down bars of places to go. This helps it be easier to find specific topics when you go on a website. I know when I go shopping, they have the exact same touch down bar which allows you to look at different types of clothing instead of everything. For example, having the PUB 101 menu with the drop-down menu of process posts and assignments helps me look at her work. Overall, the layout of the website was very clean and organized. There were different categories on what Mika wanted to talk about on her website.

First impression on Mika’s website I could not figure out what her website is about. That took me awhile to figure out because on her main page it was just a question being asked. I had to read her about to understand the aim of what she was trying to blog about. I feel as though she could have added a few sentences of what she is aiming to do. I think adding some more information could help with the website’s identity more. Caulfield (2016) explained that our websites are all-seeing eye gazing directly into the hearts and minds of our audience. That’s why having a clearer idea and layout of your website will increase more audience attraction. Caulfield (2016) stated that the content should seek out to people who can and will identify its personality. That is the only audience that matters when publishing on websites.

Mika’s website design has a very good system, the layout of her website is very engaging especially with the powerful question she added. A lot of her website layout really relates to her content that she is making. Overall, I found her website to be organized and simple. I wish there was more to her main page after her question to allow for more engagement.

Caulfield, M. (2016, December 19). Yes, Digital Literacy. but which one? Hapgood. 

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