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Peer Review 1

I was requested to evaluate Lily’s blog, Knitting After Hours. I was astounded by how well-designed the website appeared when I initially clicked the link to it. Lily’s website is well-organized and put together, while we have just begun developing our website.

During the day, Lily studies, and at night, she knits. She intends to highlight her accomplishments and successful ventures. She discusses twist socks in the part on her knitting endeavours. I had the impression that I was speaking with Lily directly while reading the post. Even though I’ve never been interested in knitting socks, it was interesting, hilarious, and engaging enough to have me wanting to learn more.

Going through Lily’s website made me immediately take note of the images she included to each post. Since I like to see things visually versus mentally picturing them, I am a huge photo enthusiast. When I clicked on the post because there was an image, I instantly felt as though I understood everything Lily was saying. I loved that there was an image and a brief description of the post before you read it. I really appreciated how she combined visuals and links to the topics she was discussing.

In between the white and black on Lily’s site, there is this lovely yellow colour. The colour palette she is utilising, in my opinion, has a strong knitting connection. It is quite relaxing and does not overwhelm. Because of all the categories she has established, I had no trouble finding her posts. She has developed links to the knitting patterns she uses in her work.

I immediately recognise what Lily is attempting to advertise when I visit her website. She wants to share her experience with each project because she is so passionate about knitting. Regarding the goals she has for her website, I had no questions. Lily strikes me as funny and as someone who is well-versed in website editing.

I’ll sum up my evaluation by saying that she’s organised and can knit. She did mention that she would be include food and playlists in her “about me” section. Because I adore food, I can’t wait to see her prepare recipes. Her website will have content that goes beyond knitting, which is incredibly interesting. Additionally, I really appreciate how she’ll be sharing her own playlist. If she included a category of projects, she’s interested in trying, I think it would be interesting. Additionally, she might mention where she gets the yarn or give advice for it. It’s interesting to hear about what she does, but to keep people interested, she should provide more advice. I’d love to learn how to knit, so I’ll be sure to visit her page more frequently.

Lily’s website is

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