Korean Corn Dogs.

Never in my life have I eaten a corn dog. Never had a strong desire to give it a try or find out more about it.

While I was visiting a friend, she expressed a desire for a Chung Chun Rice Dog Korean corn dog. I suggested that because we were both hungry and I am the pickiest eater ever, we try it.

We travelled to Burnaby’s Location, located at 4428 Beresford Street. From 11:30 am until 11:00 pm, it is open. Its brightness and simplicity caught my attention right away. It seemed strange that there was nowhere to sit down and eat, in my opinion. You order your dish and then wait for it to be freshly deep-fried in the incredibly small restaurant. There are 17 sauces and spices to choose from after it is prepared. They will put the sauce and seasoning on for you. 

I bought a Chung Chun Original, which is a full-flavored beef sausage, and a Half Mozzarella, which is a mixed-meat and cheese sausage. I chose several condiments for every corn dog. My original corn dog was topped with honey butter, sweet mayo, honey mustard, and ketchup. Teriyaki, sweet chilli, and sweet mayo were the flavours in my half-mozzarella corn dog. I’ll just say, WOW! It was incredible.

The price was roughly around 12$.

Rating was 9/10.

Would I go again? YES.


Claudio’s Ristorante

Over the weekend I went to try out a new restaurant that just opened up in Burnaby, Claudio’s Ristorante. I love Italian food so when I went to this restaurant I had high hopes. I was pretty disappointed in the food if I am being honest. There wasn’t anything special about it, I think Olive Garden is better.

I got the Margarita pizza and the Tagliatelle Nere pasta. The margarita pizza was very basic pizza I must say. I was not expecting much from the pizza because it is a classic. The pasta on the other hand was not amazing, there was not a lot of shellfish. The pasta was so flavourless and it the noodles were so thick that I could not use my fork to grab it. I give the food 6/10. The drink menu was not very appealing. I did not bother getting any of the special drinks. 

The restaurant environment was beautiful; low lights, very intimate environment. I personally found the restaurant to be very good for a date night.

I will not be going back but it was good restaurant to check off my bucket list.

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