Drink Review

Stanley Park Brewing.

  • Park Sesh Lager (5.0% -12 IBU)
  • Amber Ale (5.1% – 20 IBU)
  • Noble Pilsner (5.1% -18 IBU)
  • Sun Setter; Peach Wheat Ale (4.8%- 18 IBU)

I went to this brewery at YVR Airport. I hate beer. I am a sweet girl all the way. I find beer very bitter and dark. I got a flight of beers from Stanley Brewery. I would rank my beers that I got as Peach Wheat Ale took first place because it tasted exactly like juice, but it did have that after taste of beer. Second would be the Park Sesh Lager, it was still very bitter but not bad. Third was Nobel Pilsner, I did not like it, I chugged it. And lastly, Amber Ale, the most bitter one out of them all. I hated it. After this brewery experience, I still don’t like beer. I did on the other hand get a nice buzz for my flight to allow me to sleep because it was a red eye.

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