About Me

HELLO! I’m Sofia, welcome to my little world, where you’ll see bits and pieces of my life that consists of eating, shopping, travelling, and nature. I love to share parts of my life with you and bring you along for the ride! I am a full-time student right now, trying to get my bachelor’s in criminology. I have approximately a year left of my undergraduate, but I plan on attending a graduate school. My life is filled with insane amounts of spontaneous adventures. I have two cats named pinto and peach; they are my babies. I am a crazy cat mom; I enjoy spending a lot of my self-care days with them. I have been working part time with children and attending school full time. I have been working super hard to find extra time in my business schedule to check out beautiful spots in the lower mainland. Do you like Happy Hour? because i do! I will be scouting out all the social eateries in Vancouver and finding the best ones.

I am currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have lived here my whole life, but I do travel frequently enough. I love to check out the beaches for sunsets, delicious restaurants, cafes for studying, and night life when I am bored. My life is always on the go! I love to check out new things and I can’t wait to share that with you. I am beyond excited to bring you on this journey where you get to learn about the things I like to do and hopefully interest you to check them out.

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